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2014 Local Run Off Contest

The 2014 Local Run-Off Contest was held on Saturday, March 29th. We would like to thank our judges Rey Barrios, Bill Dumas and Steve Vogel for coming out and volunteering to judge our contest. Thank you to Custom Building Products, Laticrete, MAPEI, The Tile Setters Toy Store, DTA Tools and daltile for their appreciated donations. Thank you to BAC 3 and TTRMCA for the lunch that was provided. Click here to continue.




2013 Local Run Off Contest

This year's Local Run Off Contest was held on Saturday, April 20, 2013. Congratulations to 1st place winner David Salas, 2nd place winner Jesus Alonso, and Best Tile Finisher Carlos Ochoa,to all the volunteers and apprentices that came out and helped at the contest, our judges Mark Wuelfing, Mark Ansell, and Clayton Peck, Lupe Ortiz NCTI Training Coordinator, Bill  Dumas NCTI Instructor, NC Tile Contractors Association, BAC Local 3, daltile of South San Francisco, Tile Setters Toy Store, Custom Building Products, Laticrete, and to everyone that came out to support our program. Click here to view contest pictures.


 School Pictures

Pictures from the 2012-2013 school year. Apprentices are scheduled by group and attend classes at the NCTI JATC Training Facility. Click here
to view pictures.